Hull Boys' Club - a safe environment for the boys and young men of Hull. Offering boxing, rugby, football, kick-boxing and more.

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David Holdstock wrote on 11. 07. 2008 - 10:48   
A wonderful place with wonderful people giving their time up to help young people better themselves. I owe a lot to this club and the people that have been involved here over the years. Keep up the good work 'Nobody makes a roll in the mud, like Roper Street Hull Boys' Club !'
shane willis wrote on 17. 04. 2008 - 18:54   
Dave Grantley is a legend,, when we were lads (im 30 now) he kept evey one of us on the straight n narrow, the boxing gym at hull boys is and all the staff are brilliant, the only gym infact id consider taking my son,,,,, "hes on his way dave ;))
Dale Peter Holdstock wrote on 08. 03. 2008 - 23:23   
Fantastic club, made me who i am today, 'Play The Game'
Keran Fletcher wrote on 01. 12. 2007 - 19:14   
Cant believe I have missed this place it sounds brilliant and just what I was looking for, was about to join a private health club so my son has activities to go to, he loves all thats listed and we cant wait to visit to just see if its as good as it looks, your ethos too is just what my son needs, something to lift his self esteem and build up his social skills.
well the proof will be in the pudding when we visit.
Liam wrote on 29. 10. 2007 - 12:25   
Am 17 and would love to start boxing. I've wanted to do it for ages. Can you please send me more information.
Richie wrote on 28. 10. 2007 - 21:53   
I have recently discovered the world of rugby league and would be interested in training. I'm 21 years old and would like to know more. Please advise.
jacob littlefield wrote on 26. 03. 2007 - 15:20   Website
i think your club is good and got a good coach alan jenkins and george i went for a run round town with george
Karl wrote on 21. 12. 2006 - 11:44   
The Hull Boys Club has a new home on the internet!
Hope everyone likes it.
Jason wrote on 18. 05. 2006 - 20:59   
Hey, I am interested in joining the Hull Boys Club to do boxing. I'm 16, (17 in a month), would I be able to join and do the boxing? Would I be able to come along one day and watch to see if I like it before I join? Can anyone tell me anything more about it?
Adam Steward wrote on 22. 04. 2006 - 19:13   
To Jim and the rest of Hull boys club

Me and Zen joined hull boys on wednesday and it was brilliant. Disiplin has got to be good. I first wanted to join because of the boxing. Then i found out that for your money which is well worth it you can go in the gym and rugby/football sports hall. The boxing is amazing, any one to have a coach like dave is very lucky. My first impressions are that he is very dedicated to the sport and is always there to ask questions.
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