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Jason wrote on 18. 05. 2006 - 20:59   
Hey, I am interested in joining the Hull Boys Club to do boxing. I'm 16, (17 in a month), would I be able to join and do the boxing? Would I be able to come along one day and watch to see if I like it before I join? Can anyone tell me anything more about it?
Adam Steward wrote on 22. 04. 2006 - 19:13   
To Jim and the rest of Hull boys club

Me and Zen joined hull boys on wednesday and it was brilliant. Disiplin has got to be good. I first wanted to join because of the boxing. Then i found out that for your money which is well worth it you can go in the gym and rugby/football sports hall. The boxing is amazing, any one to have a coach like dave is very lucky. My first impressions are that he is very dedicated to the sport and is always there to ask questions.
Mike Gibbons wrote on 19. 04. 2006 - 19:13   
Hull Boys Club is a long standing club that have seen some great boxers through out the time of it been in existance.
A spirited club that has alot to offer the younger and sometimes the more mature members of the sporting generation.
Dave - the boxing coach works tirelessy in there building up a stable of talented boxers.
I myself boxed for Hull Boys back in the late 80's after transferring from St Pauls.
Keep up the good work everyone !
josh (jj) wrote on 28. 01. 2006 - 18:13   
hi jim hull boys club is a well good club n jim is wanna da best trainers in hull i go every week and its gr8t
Adam.A wrote on 27. 12. 2005 - 18:13   
hull boys is a great place to get fit quick. i do boxing there , dave is in my opinion the best trainer in hull. It has a friendly atmosphere but dave will only train you if ur willing to put the effort and hard work into your training.
Karl wrote on 26. 06. 2005 - 22:29   

Do you offer boxing training only to boys? Me and my brother would like to learn to box - he's 15, I'm 28 (But never boxed in my life)...

Could someone get back to me if possible?
steve wray wrote on 15. 03. 2005 - 21:29   
Lived nearby in Porter st,great days spent at hbc.Mr Bailey in charge.Rugby,boxing cricket,woodwork,plastics anything really.British bulldog in main hall downstairs,dozens of kids charging from one side to the other.My hero's Jackie White,Ronnie Russell fantastic boxers.Penny mugs of cocoa and halfpenny toast and jam.Memories of hbc will live forever with me
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